4501 - Civil War Scene by Rich Bettencourt
Civil War Scene by Rich
as displayed at Brickworld Chicago 2015.
Part of the “Brick Through Time”
WisLUG Group Display.

Below, Rich pulled off a coup by
winning First Place in the Train Drag Racing
Competition at Brickworld Chicago 2015.
Not even planning on competing, he
modified his train, entered at the
last minute, and swept the field!


BW2015-4493 - Coal Cars by Rich Bettencourt

Rich’s coal cars were very popular among Brickworld attendees.  He created this great display
“platform” for them on the spot, for when they weren’t actually circling the modular city layout.

Below is the WisLUG modular city layout with all of Rich’s train and train-related contributions as displayed at Brick Fest Live 2015 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  (Except for the two kit-built engines, which were handy for actually pulling all those heavy coal cars!)