Dec 2014 - Olbrich's Holiday Express: Flower and Train Show

Pirate Collaborative Layout – Olbrich’s Holiday Express: Flower and Train Show – December 2014

Generally speaking, even within specific collaborative layouts, WisLUG tends to allow for diversity of expression whether in building style, color scheme, LEGO-themed figs and other elements, or realism vs fantasy. Mr. Business does not rule here! We require only that our displays and all contributions to them be family friendly and not overtly offensive.

We assume a table width of 30″ and fit our displays within either one table width or two (60″). All layouts should cover a complete area and will normally be composed of a combination of standard base plates (48×48 studs=15″ square or 32×32 studs=10″ square). Whatever the main features of the layout — whether buildings, vehicles, terrain, or other constructions — there should be no gaps between them that are not covered with studs or tile. If you need an example, look at our pirate layout from Olbrich 2014 (above) or modular city layout from Brickworld 2015.