Acronyms & Terms

The following are acronyms that may be used in discussions about LEGO®:

  • AFOLAdult Fan of LEGO
  • akaalso known as
  • BLBrickLink – Unofficial LEGO Marketplace where, among other things, parts no longer in production can be purchased.
  • BOLOCsBuilt of Lots of Colors
  • BURPBig Ugly Rock Piece
  • CMFCollectable Minifigures [theme]
  • EBEurobricks
  • FFOLFemale Fan of LEGO
  • HPHarry Potter theme
  • IJIndiana Jones [theme]
  • KABOBKid with A Bunch Of Bricks
  • KKKnights Kingdom [theme]
  • LotR Lord of the Rings [theme]
  • LUGLEGO Users Group
  • LURPLittle Ugly Rock Piece
  • MOCMy Own Creation – LEGO constructions done without instructions, i.e., of the builder’s own design.
  • PaB – Official LEGO “Pick a Brick” service
  • POOPParts which can be made Out of Other Parts. (See also “juniorization” below.)
  • S@H – Official LEGO “Shop at Home” service
  • SNOTStuds Not On Top [building technique]
  • SWStar Wars [theme]
  • TFOL Teen Fan of LEGO
  • TLCThe LEGO Company
  • TLGThe LEGO Group
  • TMNTTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [theme]
  • TRUToys ‘RUs
  • UCSUltimate Collectors Series [theme]

The following are terms that may be used in discussions about LEGO®:

  • Catch22 – No-win situation, usually an unsolvable problem.
  • Clones – Building blocks which are not LEGO® brand, such as Mega Bloks.
  • Community – An online place where people hang out and engage in discussions.
  • Dark Age – A dark age is the period in an AFOL’s life when LEGO® products are temporarily set aside for other interests. Dark ages typically occur from sometime in the middle teen years to sometime in adulthood. Due to the fan community developed online as well as the formation of teen-friendly LUGs, dark ages are becoming less common.
  • Juniorization – Describes inclusion of highly specialized parts, aka POOP, in LEGO® sets. The idea is to make it easier for younger children to build the sets but it is criticized by AFOLs since it is difficult to use these parts when building alternate models and MOCs.
  • Parts Draft – A parts draft involves each participant purchasing a copy of the same set. The elements in these sets are sorted, with all copies of a certain color/element combination forming a ‘batch’. Participants then take turns selecting a single batch to keep. Parts drafts allow LEGO® enthusiasts to obtain particular elements in higher quantities than they might be able to obtain otherwise.
  • Purist – A MOC is purist if it does not contain any paint, clone bricks, non-LEGO stickers, modified parts, or third-party parts or accessories. The term can also be used to refer to LEGO® enthusiasts who restrict their building techniques in this way.
  • Stud – Small round peg which appears on top of most LEGO® parts and is used to connect to other LEGO® parts.